Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Guess its about time for my weekly update. Well work is going is still slightly stressful but i like it alot better than i did working at mandees in the mall...most of the people i work with are all pretty kool. my week in florida was interesting got to see my beloved big brother whom i dont get to see often cuz he is in the air force and is stationed in japan. i only got to see him for like 5 hours cuz he got back from a cruise that he took with his girlfriend...they are now offically engaged which is kool...but also scary cuz i am in someways the next in line amongst my brother and cousins eligible for such a relationship...kinda creepy if you ask

anyways i got back to binghamton last friday and that was just a nightmare...i offically hate flying either way i am happy to be back home with my makeshift family i have made for myself. lol other than that there aint really a whole lot going on just chilling working and figuring out this relationship stuff which is always fun...

well its late and i am fairly tired...