Thursday, February 12, 2009

everybody's fool

Okay so i dont get it i find someone of interest that likes me back and all...then they seemingly decide to find ways to make me jealous!!! i hate being jealous and i know it is normally stupid to be jealous but sometime i cant help it....this time it happens to be that this person hit a nerve that reminded me of my ex and how he treated me....not a very good memories at all....for the most part i block them out but i am a very insecure person...i know that i am not the most attractive person in the world therefore it is easy for someone that i like to find another girl that looks twice as good as me its i guess i feel like i have some what of a reason to be insecure when i am constantly aware that there might be some girl that is way more smart, intelligent and attractive than i can ever be waiting to steal the attention of the guy that i like. i dont know anymore i really a relationship really worth all this bullshit?

"Everybody's Fool"
perfect by natureicons of self indulgencejust what we all needmore lies about a world that
never was and never will behave you no shame don't you see meyou know you've got everybody fooledlook here she comes nowbow down and stare in wonderoh how we love youno flaws when you're pretendingbut now i know shenever was and never will beyou don't know how you've betrayed meand somehow you've got everybody fooledwithout the mask where will you hidecan't find yourself lost in your lie i know the truth nowi know who you areand i don't love you anymoreit never was and never will beyou don't know how you've betrayed meand somehow you've got everybody fooledit never was and never will beyou're not real and you can't save mesomehow now you're everybody's fool

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

staying single and moving

So i was told that i needed to blog more and since i havent in a few weeks i guess it is time for an

Well i have been working at dunkin doughnuts for about 3 weeks now and its all good i get more hours than i did when i worked at Mandees so im happy cuz i am getting more yay me...

as for the rest of life i am offically living at mitchs house im supposed to go to the post office to get a change of address form...its more convient for me to live there and walk to work in the morning and afternoon...

other than that stuff i am really am not sure how much longer i will remain single for...considering i have found someone of great interest and potential...i just gotta see what happens before i say anything more than that...

so i guess thats all the updating i am gonna do for now...