Monday, January 26, 2009

Life has gotten interesting in the last few weeks...last monday i got hired at dunkin' doughnuts which turns out to be a slightly stressful job when one is in training...but then again maybe thats just cuz i am a perfectionist and expect alot more from myself than other people expect from me...guess thats just artist mentalitly that i have developed. Anyways since i have realized that i will be getting more hours there and it is more profitably for me to work there. I worked my offical last day at mandee's this past saturday and i pick up my last check from them on thursday....and all i gotta say is thank god! its not like they were giving me any reason to stay there anyways...and i am also realizing how hard keeping my new years resolution of being single for the next year is going to be...after all i am a natural flirt and can be slightly boy crazy every once in a while. So i guess i am just gunna aim to stay single for aslong as i can...basically until i find someone that i am interested in that isnt a complete Anyways thats all i got for now write more later.